Donaldson in Lagos

Excellence at your door step

To serve the need and meet the demands of our teeming customers and end-users within the Lagos metropolis and the South-West business hub at large, Donaldson debuts in Lagos with its wide range of best-in-class filters. With presence across Europe, Asia, Africa and the America, and an ever-evolving discoveries and innovations, Donaldson filteration systems offers improved efficiency, enhanced engine and equipment protection. Users also benefit from reduced maintenance costs and increased equipment uptime.


A Century of Innovation

100 years of consistency and technology leadership

Donaldson is always developing next generation products and services to solve complex filtration and contamination control challenges. As today’s equipment and technology advances, our vast network of expert scientists, multi-disciplined engineers and state-of-the-art internal resources help us create innovative solutions to anticipate and exceed these evolving requirements.

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Industries We Serve

Our reach and vast customers include but are not limited to…


We Have Range of Filters for The Following



  • MACK
  • DAF


  • D6
  • D7
  • D8


  • Excavators
  • SwampBoogy
  • Sideboom
  • Dredgers
  • Power Generators
  • Light Vehicles

Why Donaldson?

The All-In-One Compact After- Treatment Emissions System

Donaldson’s proprietary design offers a reduction in size, weight and cost when compared to equivalent systems, and our technology employs a unique system that thoroughly mixes the engine’s exhaust gases with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). This process, called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), is an efficient way to turn nitrogen-oxide emissions into harmless nitrogen and water. Our advanced system lets modern diesel engines meet current emissions regulations in North America and Europe without compromising power, efficiency, maintenance, ground clearance or visibility.


Blue Chip Companies Use Donaldson products